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About Real&Màgic

Els raigs del sol ponent creen ombres i rajos a través de la sumitat floral de color blanc. Al fons arbres, muntanyes i cel donen intensitat a la composició.

Real&Màgic was born, in the first place and unknowingly, from curiosity towards the rediscovery of Medicinal Herbs and the knowledge of that our ancestors held of them. This seed triggered both a connection with knowledge itself and a new path which branched out into a thousand and one unexplored possibilities.

On the one hand, curiosity led to the logical step to Aromatherapy and Bach Flowers. Both disciplines deepen in the medicinal essence of plants from their most pure, condensed, energetic, and subtle part. Following this branch up one can also find gems such as the Metamorphic Technique which, born from Reflexology, boosts vital energy to heal and balance.

On the other, curiosity found a road towards another type of ancestral knowledge as are Tarot and Astrology. Disciplines that delve into human comprehension and personal growth connecting us to ourselves as well as to the cosmos.

Real&Màgic is fruit of the research of roots that eventually is transformed into a new path both professional and personal. And, combining the different methods, disciplines and techniques, Real&Màgic accompanies the consultants to work with their present while advancing onwards, to the future.

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What We Offer


Real&Màgic offers a variety of enquiries in which a couple or more of the following disciplines are combined: Tarot, Aromatherapy, Astrology, Medicinal Herbs, or Bach Fl0wers; being the Tarot the base from which all the others are developed. It also offers face-to-face* therapies from the mentioned disciplines. As well, you can request information about a medicinal herb, a Bach Flower essence or an essential oil.

You must be of legal age to request any enquiry.


Real&Màgic has an evolutive and personal growth point o view, without losing sight of the fact that we are the result of experience and time. The enquiries accompany you to a better understanding of the situation you are living as well as yourself. The answer is, always, yours and Real&Màgic wants to help you find it.

How will the response be?

In each Enquiry or Therapy section, there is a description of the kind of response it offers. Enquiries will be sent written down, and then, in some cases, there will be the option of a call/videocall. You will receive a message to agree on which option you prefer. Nowadays, due to COVID19, there are no face-to-face* possibilities.

How to get an Enquiry?

Get in touch with us through the FORM available in the Contact section and explain what your query is. You will receive an answer shortly.


Real&Màgic wholeheartedly believes that any process needs time and reflection, and even more if it is a growth and personal rediscovery process. For that reason, our aim when sending you the enquiry written down is to give you the time to create a spot for personal reflection, so as to, whenever it will be necessary, talk about it.


Payments can be made online( Bizum or transfer).  Once you get in touch, we will send you the details. The payment must be made before receiving the enquiry; and the payment receipt must be sent beforehand as well.

All prices have the 21% IVA (VAT) included.

*Temporarily, due to COVID19, face-to-face therapies and enquiries are not available.

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The answer is, always, yours and Real&Màgic wants to help you find it.



The Tarot is a surprising tool to get to know ourselves better as in addition to understand where we are. From an evolutive and a personal growth point of view, through this Tarot Enquiries and readings, Real&Màgic is eager to help you and accompany you along this process so that you can face the present, looking both at past and present whenever necessary.

Choose one of the options below. 

Write to us using the Contact section, tell us which is your Enquiry, and we will find the best option for you.

CCM's Advice

Would you like to get a personalized piece of advice for the coming week? This is your option. Try it and you will repeat!

You can choose between just one week or subscribe to four.

Consultes Real&Màgic

Chariot's Enquiry

Have you got an enquiry about a specific topic that bothers you about which you cannot decide? Chariot’s Enquiry is the fastest option to take your life in your own hands.

Sun's Enquiry

Is there a complex situation that worries you and you need to shed some light upon it to understand it better? Sun’s Enquiry will help you consider it from different points of view, both objectively and thoroughly.

World's Enquiry

Are you willing to look at several areas of your life, see where they could lead you, and decide what to do consequently? World’s Enquiry will allow you to embrace them all while you consider them quietly.

Especial Aniversari/Any Nou

Birthday/New Year's Special

A special enquiry to celebrate your Birthday or to begin the New Year. It will help you deepen into the most important features this year about to start has to offer, as well as that, you will receive some exclusive advice just for you. An indispensable opportunity to welcome the new number!

Herbs, Oils & Essences


Medicinal Herbs, Essential Oils and Flower Essences are utterly useful and interesting natural products. They work within us at several levels and they help us to regain physical as well as emotional balance.

Discover more about them visiting our Instagram!

Have you got a suggestion or would you like to know more about a medicinal herb, an essential oil or a Bach Flower?

Do not doubt it and write to us. Use the Contact section or our Instagram, and new information will be uploaded.

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Therapenquiries - March 2021

Unavailable for the moment, we are working on them. Sorry for any inconveniences.

The answer is, always, yours and Real&Màgic wants to help you find it.

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Hipèric - Hypericum perforatum L.

7 Days

You & Tarot with ... More details soon.

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Malva - Malva sylvestris L.

A Thing

You & Tarot with ... More details soon.

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Argelaga - Calicotome spinosa L.


You & Tarot with ... More details soon.

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Roser bord - Rosa sp.


You & Tarot with ... More details soon.

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Arç blanc - Crataegus monogyna Jacq.

Tell Me, I'll Listen

You & Tarot with... More details soon.

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Therapies -Coming in late 2021

For the body, the mind, the heart, and the soul.


Temporarily unavailable.

Bach Flowers

Temporarily unavailable.

Metamorphic Technique

Temporarily unavailable.

Medicinal Herbs

Temporarily unavailable.

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Medicinal Herbs Corner

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